MarketWatch – afsluttende rapport om butikskontrol

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MarketWatch set out to check whether appliances and gadgets are as energy efficient as they claim and whether retailers are fulfilling their duty to label appliances correctly.

We spent three years visiting 737 highstreet and online stores and 103,141 products, from TVs to light bulbs. We selected segments of the market thought to be most likely to fail in order to gauge how bad the situation may be. Our findings are therefore a snapshot of how bad the situation is in some quarters, but not the market as a whole.

In those stores we visited, we found more than half of appliances wrongly labelled and one in five with no label at all, breaking EU rules. This despite the fact that consumers and manufacturers alike are known to value the EU energy label as a tool to guide them to and market efficient products respectively.

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This final retail report presents our third round findings set against the previous two. Read the 39 page report PDF here: MW retail report